Commercials about Adoption

Commercials About Adoption Part II

In Part I of Commercials About Adoption, we looked at the rise of captivating commercials. Big brands are creating commercials that are worth talking about. They want to initiate the conversation about their brand with their creative take on advertising. Recently, we have started to see companies step outside their comfort zone as they are starting to tackle heavy, emotional or controversial topics, topics that their advertising predecessors didn’t touch.

But as a firm that cares deeply about helping to create families, there are a few commercials that have aired recently that we couldn’t help but share.

The way this commercial brings the saying “actions speak louder than words” to life makes this one of the most poignant advertisements that we’ve featured. Wells Fargo’s commercial not only exhibited that love is love but by featuring two mothers meeting their child for the first time, they also demonstrated that family is family. Although this is just a portrayal, the sheer joy that the mothers and daughter show is exactly what drives us to continue doing what we love.


Approaching adoption in a different way, it is hard not to smile at this sweet commercial from Target. And they bring up a great point that we’re sure many adoptive families can relate to. Whether you are matched three months out or just a day before, there definitely isn’t as much time to prepare for the new family member. But we couldn’t agree more with what the dad closes with, “everyone can appreciate the miracle of childbirth, but the miracle of adoption is just as special.”

We hope to see more of these types of commercials air during our favorite shows, because what a wonderful feeling it is when adoption is portrayed in such a beautiful way.

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