Commercials About Adoption

Commercials about Adoption Part I

Today, commercials are being created to capture an audience’s attention and to evoke feeling and emotion. Big brands are now creating commercials worth talking about. Whether they get the audience’s attention with something wild, crazy or tear-jerking, their purpose is to start a conversation about their brand and that is just what they are doing.

Coming into the spotlight recently is a focus on adoption related commercials. Big brands have each put their own twist on telling the story, but most importantly, the story is being told. While before, large companies wouldn’t touch any subject that hadn’t already been done time and time again, they are now beginning to test the waters by taking on new focuses.


One of the most recently aired commercials is from Honey Maid. With a new campaign that endorses social acceptance, they have created a series of commercials that approach the subject in a number of ways. They have even launched #ThisisWholesome, an interactive way to feature a webpage that is full of love, positivity and acceptance. There is a lot to love about this commercial, but one of the things we can appreciate most is that this is actually a real family.


Buying a home is about so much more than square footage and the number of bedrooms.  It is about finding that place your family calls home. We love that Zillow celebrates that families are created in many different ways, including adoption.  Although this family is portrayed by actors, the feeling is authentic and genuine and we think Zillow did a wonderful job. There is so much beauty in the moment the parents meet their new little one, and that is a feeling anyone touched by adoption can relate to.
Be on the lookout for another blog in the next few weeks highlighting two other commercials from large brand names that focus on adoption.

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