The Countless Benefits of Your Adoption Decision

As you research the information on our website, we hope you notice that we try to discuss adoption very honestly. We believe equipping expecting mothers with accurate and realistic information about adoption is just as important as focusing on its benefits.

However, we also believe that adoption can be a wonderful decision, and its positives should be celebrated. Quite simply, there are countless benefits that adoption may provide you and your child. Here are some of the biggest benefits of all:


Provide Child with a Life Full of Opportunity – Easily the biggest benefit of adoption is giving your child a life full of stability, opportunity and fun. A famous study on adopted children found that of the 2,000 adopted and non-adopted children who were studied, adopted children were more likely to be read to every night, more likely to engage in extracurricular activities, and performed well in reading and math. The main finding of the study was that most adopted kids had normal childhoods just like those of non-adopted children.


Pregnant Mothers Choose – As you may have already read on our website, the women who pursue adoption for their children are in charge of nearly everything. From your choice of adoptive family, to the contact you share with them and your child, to the events of the hospital stay, and more, your wishes are followed every step of the way to provide you with the greatest adoption experience possible and your baby with the best childhood imaginable.


Financial Help – Many women who consider adoption require some financial assistance during their pregnancies. Not only are all adoption services paid for by the adoptive family, but a birth mother may receive assistance with living expenses depending on her needs and her state’s adoption laws.


Possible at Any Time – It’s common for pregnant mothers to wait very late into their pregnancies, or even after the birth of their child, to decide to pursue an adoption plan. No matter how long it takes you to make this decision, please understand that nearly any adoptive family you choose is ready to travel to you in a matter of hours.


Modern Day Openness – Most women are only able to go through with their adoption plans if they are able to maintain at least some contact with their child and the adoptive family. Because of this trend, adoption professionals have encouraged adoptive families about the reasons and benefits behind openness in adoption. The results have been staggering, as today an estimated 90 percent of all private domestic adoptions involve some sort of exchange of contact between birth parents and adoptive families.


The Perfect Family is Out There – Sadly, there is never a shortage of people looking to adopt because infertility affects thousands of hopeful families every year.However, with so many waiting families excited to adopt a child, the perfect family is out there for you and your baby – you just need to find them, perhaps with the help of an adoption professional like our team.


Continue Pursuing Your Dreams – An unplanned pregnancy can immediately pause not only a woman’s short-term goals but also her lifelong dreams. And for many, raising a child becomes their fulltime job, as future plans of completing college, beginning a career, traveling or another dream becomes increasingly difficult to realize. Adoption, however, may present you with an opportunity to stay on the path toward your goals, when perhaps becoming a mother at this time in your life isn’t.


Quite honestly, the benefits of adoption never end. Consider how your child will not only bless the lives of the adoptive parents but also their future siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Your one selfless act would touch an unlimited number of lives.

And if you decide that adoption is indeed the right decision, perhaps the ultimate benefit of all is truly knowing that you did the right thing, and that your child will have a wonderful life because of you.

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