How a Pregnant Mother Receives Financial Assistance in Adoption

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is likely a time of difficulty and uncertainty for you, and questions about finances may be further complicating matters.

You may be wondering exactly how finances work in adoption from a pregnant mother’s perspective: Do birth mothers get paid for making an adoption plan, or do they receive no financial assistance at all? Who covers the medical bills? Who pays for the legal services?


The first important thing for you to understand is that you will not pay any fees for any necessary adoption services, including:

  • Medical Expenses – Any premiums, co-pays or additional medical expenses not covered by private insurance or Medicaid are fully covered by the adopting family.
  • Legal Expenses – Legally completing an adoption is oftena meticulous process, requiring care to ensure all legal pitfalls have been satisfied. The adopting family will cover these legal expenses, no matter the level of work required by an attorney.
  • Counseling/Case Management Services – Whether you work with a full-service adoption firm like the Law Offices of Jim Thompson or an adoption agency, or you work with an adoption attorney for just the legal work, there are always additional services that you should take advantage of: counseling, education, support, matching with a prospective adoptive family, pre- and post-placement contact mediation, and much more. We encourage you to take advantage of any services we or another adoption professional offer you, as they will all contribute to a healthier adoption. Plus, these services are all provided by the adoptive family.


Receiving Financial Assistance

South Carolina adoption law allows adoptive families to pay “reasonable living expenses” to expecting mothers. Living expenses are moneys used to pay for items such as:

  • groceries
  • rent/mortgage
  • utilities
  • maternity clothes
  • and more

Living expenses are intended to help ease your financial burden of paying bills while carrying a pregnancy to term. Most often, this financial assistance is paid directly from the adoption professional to the provider of services, such as a landlord or utility company, or paid in the form of gift cards to your favorite grocery store.


If you indeed choose to pursue adoption, attorney Jim Thompson will work with you and the court to ensure you receive any living expenses or which you are entitled. If you have more questions or concerns about financial compensation in adoption, please contact the Law Offices of Jim Thompson today.

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