Creating Your Adoption Hospital Plan

For pregnant mothers considering adoption, the upcoming hospital stay can be a source of stress, not only because this is when the events of the adoption process all culminate, but also because of the uncertainty of what the hospital experience will be like.

It’s our jobs as adoption counselors to make this hospital experience as smooth and predictable as possible. To achieve this we use what’s known as an “adoption hospital plan,” where a pregnant mother is able to decide each important event of the hospital stay.

You will get to decide whether:

  • the adoptive family is involved in the birthing process
  • your other family members are involved in the birthing process
  • you will spend time with your baby, and how much
  • you or the adoptive family will first hold your baby
  • you will be admitted to the hospital confidentially
  • you want to spend time with the adoptive family
  • you want pictures with your baby and/or with the adoptive family
  • and many other decisions

How to Make an Adoption Plan

Like all items in your adoption plan, your adoption hospital plan may change over time. For example, initially you may not be sure how much interaction you want with your baby while in the hospital. You may initially envision the baby staying in the nursery during the hospital stay. However, as you near delivery, you may desire time with the baby and decide that you would like him or her to spend some time with you in your room.  .

With that in mind, your adoption counselor will work with you to understand how you envision your hospital stay. She will prepare the hospital staff for your wishes and will be proactive in carrying out all of your requests.

Then, once the day arrives, everyone will be prepared to ensure you have the least stressful, and most memorable, hospital experience possible.

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