5 Facts About Finding a Family for Your Baby, How We Can Help

Whether you are still considering adoption or you are ready to take the next step toward making an adoption plan, you likely have a lot of questions about the process of finding adoptive parents.

Here are five important facts about this process and how our law firm can help you find the perfect family:

  1. It’s 100 percent your decision – In the past, pregnant mothers had very little say in who would adopt their babies. That has since changed, as you are able to make the final decision of who may parent your child.
  1. All adoptive families must be screened by a home study – As you look for adoptive families on our website, know that they have all completed a home study by a licensed home study professional who personally visited their homes. The home study ensures the adoptive parents have:
  • a safe, child-proofed home in which to raise a child.
  • passed criminal background and child abuse checks.
  • updated medical exams.
  • updated financial information proving they can financially care for a child.
  • been interviewed individually and together as a couple to assess their readiness to become parents.

If you work with another adoption professional or find a family on your own, it is important that the adoptive family has completed their home study before you take the next step with them.

  1. Adoptive families will have an Adoptive Family Profile– These profiles provide you with information and pictures about their family, home, neighborhood, beliefs, interests, and more, all of which will give you an idea of what life might be like growing up in their family.
  1. You may get to know the family before making your final decision – Once you choose an adoptive family, you may begin “pre-placement contact.” This contact may include phone calls or meetings, often mediated by a social worker, and will help you get to know the family better to ensure they are the best parents for your child.If they don’t live up to who you thought they were in their Adoptive Family Profile, you have the right to begin the process again.
  1. The “perfect” adoptive family is waiting for you– We believe for every pregnant mother, there is an adoptive family out there who fulfills all of her wishes. When you begin this process, you may choose an adoptive family based on their:
  • family size and dynamics
  • willingness for future contact
  • race and cultural background
  • type of home environment (suburbs, city, country)
  • religion
  • parenting styles
  • reasons for choosing adoption
  • interests and hobbies
  • and many more


How We Can Help You Find that Perfect Adoptive Family

Our law firm has helped prospective birth mothers find prospective adoptive families for over 30 years.

This “matching process” is one that we do not take lightly, as our goal is to ensure that every woman who pursues adoption with our firm finds thatone perfect adoptive family for her situation.

One of our social workers will work with you to understand the type of family and environment that you envision your child growing up a part of. When you feel ready, she will then provide you with Adoptive Family Profiles of our waiting, pre-screened adoptive families who best match your adoption plan.

We will continue presenting you with additional families until you find the best family whom you’d like to get to know better.

Then, upon your request, you can engage in a meeting or phone call between you, the adoptive family, and your social worker. This pre-placement contact may continue through further phone calls, visits or emails, allowing you to continue asking them questions and keeping them updated on your situation as well.


Next Steps to Finding a Family

Let’s be honest: Looking for adoptive parents for your child is something you likely never envisioned yourself experiencing.

You may find this process very difficult emotionally; you may feel a sense of excitement, albeit bittersweet, about the opportunities and life these people will provide your child; or you may feel a bit of both.

We are here to help you through this challenging time, whether it’s providing you additional information about this process or about a specific family on our website.

Please contact our office today to speak with an adoption specialist about finding an adoptive family.

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