Our law firm is available to represent adopting parents in interstate adoptions. An interstate adoption may be where the adopting parents are in South Carolina and the child is present in another state; an interstate adoption may also be where a child is present in South Carolina and the adoptive parents live in another state. Either way, when a child moves from one state to another for the purpose of adoption, the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is likely implicated. The ICPC is a contract among the states that enact it. The ICPC’s ten articles are designed to ensure that placement for children across state lines is safe. There are significant legal ramifications for failing to comply with the ICPC. The ICPC provides that “no sending agency shall send, bring, or cause to be sent or brought into any other party state any child for placement in foster care or as a preliminary to a possible adoption unless the sending agency shall comply with each and every requirement of the Compact.” A violation of the Compact is a violation of the laws of both the sending and receiving states.

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