For well over 30 years, our law firm has actively coordinated an adoption matching program on behalf of prospective adoptive parents. Through our firm’s birthmother outreach efforts, expectant mothers learn of our law firm and receive adoption information in a positive and personal way. This is an important service to our prospective adoptive parents (PAP) who do not wish to locate their own birth mother.

The process begins with prospective clients meeting with Jim Thompson and one of our firm’s adoption counselors. This conference may be face­to­face or by phone. The conference will cover a variety of subjects including:

• Provide a detailed summary of our firm’s adoption procedures and discuss time frames and costs.
• Apprise of developments in South Carolina law and procedure.
• Explore alternative adoption resources.
• Advise on how to pursue an “identified adoption, where a birth mother is known to the adoptive family, and the role our law firm can serve in this process.
• Discuss how to prepare for a home study, or review your completed home study, if applicable.
• Explain our attorney­client commitment and our practice of asking clients to prepare a family profile for us to share with prospective birth mothers.
• Explore the financial commitment involved with adoption.
• Explain the various degrees of openness in adoption (closed, semi­open and open) and how our law firm can help facilitate the style of adoption you envision.
• Explore your adoption selection criteria (when should our office present your family for a proposed adoption).
To request a packet of information on our adoption matching program, please call the Spartanburg office.

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