Beware of Surrogacy Agency Fraud

Once again, another surrogacy “agency” is accused of taking advantage of families struggling with infertility and defrauding them of thousands of dollars.

Although surrogacy programs may refer to themselves as “agencies,” this designation is misleading.  Unlike an adoption agency which is
highly regulated by the State Government, anyone who gets a business license can call themselves a “surrogacy agency.”  There are no licensing requirements, nor are there any educational or experiential  requirements.  If a person has a business license, a computer, and access to the internet, they can open a “surrogacy agency.”   It is critically important that you check out the agency or program. What is their background?  How are your monies protected? What is your recourse if they do not perform the agreed upon services?

By using a program through a law firm, like the Adoption & Assisted
Reproductive Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson, a client knows that they will be well protected.  As a law firm, we are subject to State Bar Rules. Additionally, all client funds are held in trust accounts, which are heavily regulated to protect our clients and those who would benefit from the trust (e.g. the gestational carrier).  If we did not perform our services, our clients have many avenues of recourse available to them.  By working with a law firm, especially one that is highly experienced in assisted reproduction law, you can be
reassured that your interests are being protected.

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