Joanne Metcalf ­

Joanne Metcalf ­

Social Worker

Joanne Metcalf has been long known to the firm for her experience in adoption, and became a valued member of our team in July 2013 on a part­time basis. Joanne received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina ­ Upstate in 1983, and completed 18 hours of Masters work in Special Education at Converse College. In 1989, Joanne became a Baccalaureate Social Worker and a Certified Adoption Investigator. For many years Joanne performed adoption­related services for our firm and our adoptive families including witnessing consent/relinquishments from birth parents and preparing home studies for adoptive families.

Based on Joanne’s 20+ years of experience working in adoptions, as well as her gentle personality, the firm recruited her to assist with adoption reunions and post­adoption services. As our firm has handled adoptions for decades, we receive more and more calls from birth parents hoping to locate their birth children, and from adoptees hoping to locate birth parents. Joanne is tasked with using staff resources to try to locate the parties involved, and under the guidance of Jim Thompson, Joanne makes those initial contacts with involved parties, and then coordinates reunion meetings. These poignant reunion meetings are very rewarding, and Joanne enjoys her role in making them possible.


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