An Introduction to Civil Litigation

While the majority of our time and focus at The Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson is spent on building families, we also advocate in Circuit Court and before the South Carolina Appellate Courts for our clients to be made whole from injuries they sustained due to the negligence of others.


What exactly is Civil Litigation?


Civil litigation is a particular branch of the law that distinguishes liabilities and private rights. It deals with situations in which one party is claimed to be in the wrong but did not actually commit a criminal act.


The civil litigation process includes investigation, pleadings, discovery, the actual trial or possibly settlement. Some cases will be followed up by an appeal.


Although The Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson does not accept many civil cases, we will review civil cases for no charge. We believe your injury should be appropriately valued, and reflect the serious long-term financial and medical consequences you and your family will experience.


To find out more about our civil litigation services, and to see examples of cases we have accepted and the results we have achieved, please click here.


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